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Think Act Change event for #fashionrevolution day - demanding production chain transparency & justice for garment workers.

I spend all my alone time wishing and imagining I was someone else. I have this horrible habit of isolating myself when I need support; it’s the reason I function resiliently without you and why I can never be free. 

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I’m tired of people constantly asking me where I get my protein/iron/zinc/calcium from when they wouldn’t even care when I wasn’t vegan. There are different lifestyles out there and this information is not to turn you vegan, but just to open your mind. I’m tired of hearing about how restrictive this lifestyle is. It’s really not, trust me. Here are some resources with the most useful vegan information I have found over the months. I am still learning about being vegan, but if I would have to pick a vegan starter kit, this would be it.

Vegan Starter Kit – Covering the basic who, what, when, where and why J

The Young Person’s Guide to Veganism - This is the most useful site that’ll answer all of your questions about being a vegan, the q&a section is absolutely brilliant.

8 Great Protein Sources for Vegans

Iron in Plant Foods

Protein in Plant Foods

Vegan Grocery List

The Tender Joy of Eating Vegetables

Veganize Your Meals

When Good Vegans Have Non-Vegan Cravings

Baking Substitutions – are you a baker? I found vegan food to have even more flavour and texture than non vegan, using amazing substitutes!

Videos that changed my views

Gary Yourofsky - Why Vegan – I watched this several times.

101 Reasons To Go Vegan

Earthlings Documentary

From Excuse-tarian to Vegan – I just discovered this lady a few days ago and she gives you some amazing information about veganism that I haven’t heard from other speakers. Her interpretation is brilliant.

Vegucated – 3 meat eaters decide to go vegan and get vegucated! They visit slaughterhouses and everything and it’s amazing how much their view changes by the end of the documentary.

Vegan Blogs (There is a lot more but these are my favorites) 


Happy Healthy Life


No Meat Athlete


"People like us, half of them think it will never work out. The other half believe in magic." Beginners (2010)


James Christopher 


Khánh Hmoong 

A snarky rant

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